Every child cuts their hair, right?

Are you even parenting if your kindergarten child has not cut their hair?

For the 50th day of school, our kindergartener participated in the 50s Sock Hop. He was to dress up for the time period, so of course, my mind went to Grease—who doesn’t love that movie?! He wore rolled-up jeans and a light gray shirt (because I refuse to buy my children white shirts), and we attempted to slick his hair back; however, he has curls, so that didn’t work. Instead, we put mousse in his hair and embraced the curls.

About 20 minutes before school ended, I missed his teacher’s call. The voicemail said, “Everyone is okay, but I wanted to let him tell you about the incident we had today.” Umm… okay…I’m a little nervous. He isn’t an aggressive child, but I immediately thought, “Oh no! Did he beat someone up?!”

I called her back, and she said, “We were doing a craft activity, and he needed to potty–he had been in there for a while, so we went to check on him, and he quickly put something in his pockets when we opened the door.” She continued, “We asked him what he was doing, and he said nothing, but then we noticed hair on the floor…” She apologized several times. I reassured her that it was ok. He is our fifth child; there isn’t much we DON’T expect. Ha!

I got off the phone and told my husband. His reply was that at least he didn’t cut his clothes, even though he had done that before.

Fortunately, his curls hide the chop job, so it isn’t even a real concern. This fifth child definitely keeps us on our toes. It’s a good thing he is super cute! Haha!